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/ in–sep–shuhn /


+ A purifying palo santo and sage serves as a companion for self-care and social practices, while undertones of cypress botanicals round out the final moments.

+ Housed in a chic (reusable) 11 oz. mattefrosted vessel

+ Vegan blend of natural soy x coconut wax

+ Eco–friendly wooden wick

+ Fragrance oils : phthalate x cruelty free

+ Approx. burn time x 50–70 hours. 

+ Hand poured in Brooklyn, NY

+ Burn in a cycle of 2–3 hrs. at a time or until full melt across has been achieved. 

+ For a finer and longer burn, trim the wick ¼’’ before each usage. 

+ Never leave a lit candle unattended. 

+ Keep flame away from moving air to ensure proper burn.

+ To extinguish the flame, always cover with a lid in lieu of blowing it out to prevent substantial smoke, soot and wick damage.